Complex Antigen-Based Vaccines

...using immunogenic proteins in optimal conformation.

Large & Rapidly Growing Market

Annual Vaccine Sales ($Billions)

1. WHO Projections 2014
2. Global Vx Mkt Pipeline Analysis 2014 by PNS Pharma

The Problem

Cell-free protein synthesis systems have distinct advantages over traditional in vivo methods for protein production. Conventional methods for expressing protein antigen-based vaccines utilize cell lines originating from bacteria, yeast, insects, plants, or mammals. Because these methods require intact, functioning cells, the biochemical and biophysical parameters under which proteins are produced using these methods are inherently limited, often failing to produce many proteins and biologics in their ideal conformation to serve as the basis of an effective vaccine.

Our Solution

The Xpress CF platform eliminates the need to maintain cell viability allowing for the optimization of protein synthetic capacity using the cell-free extract to produce discrete proteins in proper conformation. In addition, the lack of a cellular membrane allows for the direct addition of non-natural factors which can be used to manipulate transcription, translation and folding, and provide precise modulation of the protein expression process. SutroVax has rapidly produced a number of difficult to manufacture vaccine antigens in their proper conformation and have advanced them into pre-clinical disease models where they have demonstrated protective efficacy. Classes of complex vaccine antigens successfully produced using the platform include (1) highly complex proteins; (2) membrane associated proteins; and (3) multimeric complexes.